Uncensored Passion Of Asuka In Satake Dungeon

Asuka, the beautiful young maiden, finds herself alone in an underground cell of the Satake dungeon. She is wrists bound, waist wrapped in chains, and gagged with her own panties. The cold stone walls reflect her terrified and helpless eyes. Unfortunately for her, she will not stay like that for long. In walks the sadistic master of the dungeon, Satake. He eyes Asuka hungrily as he unzips his pants and reveals his throbbing erection. It's clear what he wants, and Asuka can only watch in horror as Satake approaches and starts to touch her all over her body, leaving her wet and weak. Not satisfied with just fondling her, Satake bends her over to violate her asshole, causing Asuka to moan in pain and pleasure while helplessly struggling in her chains. He then penetrates her soaking-wet pussy hard and fast, leaving her no choice but to beg him for more. Welcome to Satake Dungeon, where fantasies turn into hardcore-fuck reality.

Duration: 26:59

View: 34

#Pervert #Game

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