Tina X Allen Scene

In this intense and sensual X-rated scene, Tina and Allen are in a passionate embrace, their bodies pressed together as they explore each other's desires. Tina's long, slim legs wrap around Allen's muscular torso, pulling him closer as they kiss deeply. Their hands caress each other's bodies, exploring every inch of skin and finding pleasure in every touch. As they separate, Tina takes control, guiding Allen's hands to her breasts and pulling him closer. She leans forward, her lips brushing against his nipples as she takes him deep inside her. Allen's body shakes with pleasure as Tina's hands begin to move lower, exploring their way along his abs and toward his waist. With a flick of her wrist, Tina unzips Allen's pants and pulls them down to reveal his hard, throbbing erection. She takes it into her mouth, her lips surround the head and she begins to suck deeply. Allen's body shakes with pleasure as Tina's mouth moves up and down his shaft and her hands explore his chest and abs as she continues to pleasure him. As Tina continues sucking Allen's cock, he takes control again, pulling her up and flipping her onto her back. He straddles herself on top of her, his cock poking over her pussy as he begins to tease her. Tina's body twitches with pleasure as Allen's hands begin to explore her body, running over her breasts and along her abs. With one quick thrust, Allen slides his cock into Tina's pussy, filling her with his thick, hard erection. Tina's body screams with pleasure as Allen begins thrusting in and out, his cock hitting her G-spot with each stroke. She arches her back and her body shakes in pleasure as Allen continues to fuck her hard. As their bodies continue to move together, their moans of pleasure fill the room. Tina's hands grip Allen's hips as he continues to fuck her, hitting her G-spot with every stroke. She cums hard and her body shakes with pleasure as Allen continues to fuck her. With one final thrust, Allen pulls out of Tina's pussy.

Duration: 18:39

View: 23

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