Tifa's Sensational Fuckfest With Don Corneo's Ambition

The sultry and buxom Tifa Lockhart, member of AVALANCHE and childhood friend of Cloud Strife, finds herself in an unforeseen twist of fate when she is summoned to the infamous Don Corneo's mansion in the slums of Midgar. Tifa, known for her fighting prowess and voluptuous body, is lured into a depraved sex orgy by the wealthy and perverted Don Corneo. Tifa, who is usually reserved and stoic, is shocked at the lewd and unbridled lust that lurks within the Don's domain. Her fiery red hair glistens as she is stripped naked andher eyes widen in surprise at the sight of the colossal, rock-hard cocks ready to invade her tight, wet pussy. She is then bound in chains and gangbanged by the Don's henchmen, their massive erections stretching her juicy ass open as they take turn shoving their dicks deep inside of her. Tifa's massive tits are fondled and sucked on by the others, leaving her panting and squirming in the throes of dizzying cock-induced bliss. Her climax is intense, and her screams of pleasure reach new decibels as she reaches orgasm. The camera focuses on her quivering ass and her cum-soaked tits, and the viewers are left begging for more of the luscious Tifa Lockhart as she is ravaged by Don Corneo's endless lust and ambition.

Duration: 51:08

View: 25

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