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Michi, una mujer con una forma de anillo, se encuentra en una tienda de ropa erótica con varias mujeres con forma de anillo. La tienda tiene un estilo de diseño clásico de las rampas de luna y se vende ropa de estilo classico. An eye-catching green dress that is designed to catch the eye of the shopkeeper, Michi attempts to walk down the moonlight ramp. Tomochika, the shopkeeper, looks at her in awe, raven hair and sharp features. Tomochika asks, 'Would you like to purchase that outfit?' Just as the words were leaving her mouth, a flashing light catches her attention and she notices the bathroom mirror. She looks shocked as she realizes she is actually one of them, a huge-ass woman. With tears in her eyes and an air of defeat, she walks barefoot through the hallways of the store, naked and humiliated.

Duration: 16:18

View: 12

#Hentai #Anime

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