Hit The

In this hentai video, a group of young and beautiful women are gathered in a secluded room, ready to be punished for their sins. The leader of the group, a stern and stern woman with a piercing gaze, approaches one by one and hits them with a B. The women scream in pain but must endure the punishment, knowing it is for their own good. As the punishment progresses, the women become more submissive and their bodies shake with every stroke. The leader looks on with satisfaction and sees the women's bodies marked with red and purple bruises. The video ends with the women kneeling on the ground, their bodies covered in bruises and abrasions, their spirits broken. The leader stands over them, a cruel smile on his face as he declares that they have learned their lesson and will never disobey her again. Title: Punishment for disobedience.

Duration: 10:22

View: 44

#Hentai #The #Bloowjob #Strike #Himeragi

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