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It's been a long day at work and you're ready to relax. You come home to your favorite room, take off your clothes, revealing your toned body and your hard cock. Sitting on the edge of the bed, you lean back and close your eyes as you imagine a beautiful hentai girl standing in front of you. She wears a tight-fitting school uniform and her long hair is tied back in a ponytail. Her big tits and bubble butt are on full display and you can't help but feel a wave of desire as you imagine her bending over and taking your cock inside her. You grab her, pull her closer to you and kiss her. passionate. She responds with equal fervor, pushing you back onto the bed and straddling you. You grab her hips and push her up, feeling her tight pussy clenching around your cock. He leans forward, taking your nipples into his mouth and sucking on them as you continue thrusting. You reach down and grab her ass, pulling her back and slamming her onto the bed. She moans in pleasure as you continue to fuck her, your cock sliding deep into her pussy. You grab her tits and pull them down onto your cock, feeling her nipples rub against your shaft as you continue to fuck her. When you orgasm, you grab her hair and pull her back, making her watch you as you cum inside her. She moans with pleasure and feels your cum filling her and flowing out of her pussy. You collapse onto the bed, panting and sweating as you recover from your intense orgasm. You turn around and look at the hentai girl. You feel a sense of satisfaction as you realize that you just had the best hentai experience of your life. You grab her again, pulling her closer to you and kissing her passionately. She responds with equal passion and you continue enjoying your hentai fantasy until you fall asleep exhausted but happy. Title: Strike the B. Hentai.

Duration: 10:22

View: 35

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